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Hi dudez!

Well, this is cLEANEr.. i will be doing the packaging and
organize the group in the following months, due to a lack
of time from our coordinator, darky'.



A bad thing happened this month.. We have lost our WHQ...
right... Data Crawler is now offline :-( Few days after,
Equalizer closed too... Both were great boards, and they
will always stay in our memories i guess!

We got a ftp account on skynet!
Check out for the
latest releases!




We welcome 2 new ansi artists this month.. Taevore, sysop
of Insitol and member of Neon Strike. The second dude is
FireFox, also working in Fire Dream. Sylvio joined us as
an ascii artist.. he's also a member of Fire Dream and
Adrenaline PC.

We have to say goodbye to 2 artists.. Beavis and Chaotic,
they have both left the scene... :(


-- dArky'z lill' note

hi dudez.. first idd like to apologize for closing my
board, but as i said in the text file i spreaded on
the few remaining french boardz.. theres no more true
french scene to me. and certainly not a french ART scene.
anyway, i dont really care for all this now.. i will
still be going to demo partiez to meet some friendz.. so
ill be able to see all of u there..
but lets get back to the point, that is my coordinator
role in nph.. well.. in fact, am not too active on the
computer scene anymore.. am still doing some azkii
(fucking old skewl styley man!) and some ansi from time
to time, but i lost the motivation to organize all this
and stuff..
apart from that, am getting much more involved in the
anarchist/punk scene than before, and i dont have that
much time left for computing..

anyway, i dont regret all the great moments i had beeing
part of this.. to all the users of my board, to all my
contacts thru the scene, to the few kewl guyz (pure old
freak spirit) left in the scene.. to all of you i just
have to say thank you, keep up doing the fucking thing..
and dont forget you live in a fucking capitalistic world
of hate and shit.. so free yourself, go vegan, act in yo
everyday life, that's it..

..yeah ok i wont really leave the scene but you got the
picture.. idling :)

ps: some kUUl gr33tz go 2 cleaner, you'll be doing a
great job i think.. rockz


  l0ve - dky



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